Trestle Glen Oakland Homes for Sale

Trestle Glen Oakland Homes for Sale: Excellent Places to Reside

3,911 people live in the Oakland, California neighborhood of Trestle Glen, including Trestle Glen Oakland Homes for Sale. One of the most excellent places to reside in California is Trestle Glen, which is in Alameda. Trestle Glen Oakland Homes for Sale gives inhabitants a blend of urban and suburban living, and most residents are house owners. There are numerous taverns, eateries, coffee shops, and parks in Trestle Glen. In Trestle Glen, there are many families, and liberal attitudes are common. Trestle Glen is in a prime location near reputable schools, close to Lakeshore, and other commercial districts in the neighborhood. The neighborhood is also near the MacArthur Freeway. Offers quick access to one of the region’s main thoroughfares that connect to several other locations in California. One of Oakland, California’s premium neighborhoods, Trestle Glen is distinguished for its curved layout.

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Homes for Sale in Trestle Glen Oakland

Below are some of the Luxury Homes For sale in Trestle Glen Oakland:

738 Stratford Rd: Open House is this weekend, February 11 and 12, from 1-4 and 1-3. The house was completely rebuilt from the ground up in 2001, and it has sound insulation. The great Trestle Glen/Crocker Highlands area houses this magnificent 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom home.

1442 Barrows Rd: When you walk through the door of 1442 Barrows Road, you’ll be dazzled by its stunning modern design and extensive renovation. Gorgeous hardwood flooring welcomes you as you pass through the entryway and into the living room. A vast area with many large windows.

712 Calmar Ave: The Lakeshore and Grand Lake stores, restaurants, historic movie theater, renowned farmers market, and more are all conveniently close to this magnificently placed Crocker Highlands property. This home is designed for pleasant living with a practical and surprisingly adaptable floor plan and excellent views of lush hills.

Appealing Neighborhoods of Trestle Glen

Families with children will undoubtedly appreciate Trestle Glen’s family-friendly atmosphere. You never get the feeling that no one is watching your back because everyone is kind and pleasant. People usually walk around. The bustling streets of Downtown Oakland are just a short stroll from Trestle Glen and are only a few minutes away. As a result, one of the neighborhood’s key selling points is its proximity to the downtown center. Homes for Sale in Trestle Glen Oakland CA, for convenience and comfort, the majority of potential homeowners want to reside in a welcoming neighborhood close to the business district. Suppose residents of Trestle Glen wish to have fun outside of their homes. In that case, Downtown Oakland offers several entertainment alternatives to pick from. In addition to a large variety of boutiques, retail stores, coffee shops, and restaurants to visit. Trestle Glen is renowned for its aesthetically pleasing charm.


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