Moving to Nassau County NY

Things to Know Before Moving to Nassau County NY: Long Island

Nassau County is commonly known as “Long Island,” along with Suffolk County, located directly to its east. Consider these before moving to Nassau County NY.

  • Cost of Living: Home, food, and gas prices are higher due to higher living costs and higher-class residents. Groceries, restaurants, and petrol are more expensive than elsewhere in the U.S. However, it is of higher quality than New York City. If you can afford it, Long Island is a popular destination since its homes are more prominent, better, and more desirable than those in New York City and nearby places.
  • Weather: Long Island has a humid subtropical-humid continental climate. Thus, the summers are typically hot and humid, with occasional thunderstorms; the spring and fall are pleasant; and the winters are cold and wet with a combination of snow and rain.
  • Entertainment: Long Island has numerous activities. You’re a train ride from the nation’s greatest cities and have access to some of the best beaches, parks, stores, boardwalks, and attractions in your backyard! It has something for everyone with its rich history and beautiful landscape.


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Nassau County Best Neighborhoods

There are many great places to live in the region, but here are a few of the highlights:

  • Garden City Estates: It is one of the finest communities in the Garden City area. Garden City Estates has plenty of parks, greenery, and welcoming neighbors. There are countless places to sit back and unwind in the serene setting. There are also community-organized events for those who need excitement in their lives.
  • North East Meadow: This area is easily accessible with several convenient features. North East Meadow homes for sale are hard to come by because of the area’s convenient proximity to a wide variety of amenities, including green spaces, memorials, jogging pathways, sports centers, dining options, and grocery stores. Because of the area’s attractiveness, only a select few homeowners are even considering selling their properties at a higher price.
  • West Hempstead: This neighborhood is more than just another boring suburb because it is a liberal haven surrounded by beautiful nature. Families and young professionals looking for a break from city life are drawn to the area by its vibrant culture and amenities.


Top Locations in Nassau County

Everyone will be able to find something that interests them in Long Island. Here are some of the best of what Long Island has to offer.

  • Nassau County Museum of Art: This attraction is a beautiful mansion with various exhibits, educational activities, and events showcasing local and international art and culture.
  • Sand Point Preserve: a 216-acre estate constructed in the Great Gatsby style and features elaborate gardens, wooded pathways, and grand mansions. Explore the grounds, and remember that this is an excellent spot for family, couples, and engagement photos.
  • The Long Island Aquarium: It is a fantastic destination for families. Learn about and marvel at some of the fascinating marine life in the 20,000-gallon coral reef exhibit at this aquarium’s many educational and entertaining displays.
  • Jones Beach State Park: It is widely regarded as a top Long Island beach thanks to its wide variety of recreational opportunities, including its miles-long boardwalk, public beaches, and outdoor concert stage.
  • Fire Island Lighthouse: Sand beaches, lively beachside cafés, and a historic lighthouse make Fire Island a must-see. Built-in 1826, this landmark on the shores of Great South Bay is open for tours every day.


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