Homes for Sale in Millbrae, CA

Homes for Sale in Millbrae, CA: Natural Beauty and Simple Life

San Mateo County, California’s Millbrae, including Homes for Sale in Millbrae, CA is a suburban residential enclave that is primarily developed, with single-family homes making up the majority of the area’s real estate stock. Due to its continuous connection to the growing airport and the resulting visitors, Millbrae maintains its “little town” feel even while its industry is flourishing. To coincide with the opening of the new San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (B.A.R.T.) Station, the city planned a sizable downtown renovation. The beginning of the San Francisco B.A.R.T. Station will significantly impact mobility and tourism in Millbrae. Some spots are less well-known to tourists but are nevertheless well worth your time. One of them is Millbrae, a city in San Mateo County located immediately south of San Francisco. Because of its charming ambiance and surrounding natural beauty, Millbrae is a place you shouldn’t miss.

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Latest Homes for Sale in Millbrae, CA

1323 Vista Grande: Magnificent Millbrae Modern, This property in Millbrae, has it all: stunningly modern, clean lines, a spacious open concept, with views from every window. Includes five bedrooms and six bathrooms, and a large 9000+ square foot property. The internal space is over 4200 square feet.

610 Hillcrest Blvd: Home that has been extensively updated and is brightly lit. It is located on a street bordered by trees and has a typical Spanish-style arch, stucco facade, and tile roof. 2 floors 3089+/-SF. 5562 +/-SF lot. 4 bedrooms with en suite bathrooms and reach-in closets with sliding mirror doors. With marble counters, new tile flooring, motion lights, tile wainscot, towel warmers, showers, and tubs, five remodeled bathrooms are available.

347 Paramount Dr: This gorgeous 4b2.5b single-family big, modern, and luxurious home has been carefully restored and has permits expiring in 2023. A roomy interior ideal for entertaining or spending a quiet night in is complemented by a completely refurbished kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances.

Best Things To Do in Millbrae

Central Park: Every neighborhood has a local oasis where residents gather for social gatherings and leisure activities. Millbrae’s very own Central Park is the city’s best recreational space. On their picnic tables, you may enjoy a straightforward picnic or even a B.B.Q. with your family, and if you have children, they can play on the playground next to it.

Spur Trail: is a unique area in Millbrae because, despite some initial protests, the neighborhood resolved the issue. The 3.8 kilometers (2.4 miles) long route is divided into the northern and southern sections, also known as Phase I and Phase II.

Rotary Park: Rotary Park in South Ashton provides a space for kids to play and people to relax. It features a small playground for children between the ages of two and five, a picnic spot with cover for families, a grassy space where you can unwind and gaze at the clouds, and a trail to have a stroll or jog.

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