Highland Oaks Homes for Sale

The Charming Highland Oaks Homes for Sale

Arcadia, California’s Highland Oaks neighborhood, is peaceful in the city’s north-northeast quadrant. The quaint community of Arcadia, California, has a population of roughly less than 1,500 people, which contributes to the town’s relaxed and calm attitude. The residential community of Highland Oaks comprises premium and deluxe units, and it is located in a prime area close to various commercial and recreational hotspots. The Highland Oaks homes for sale have numerous outstanding building designs with appealing indoor and outdoor features. These characteristics add elegance to the spectacular homes that are within the community. Residents enjoy convenient access to several natural reserve locations in the surrounding area. These include Little Santa Anita Canyon and the Lannan Debris Basin. Because there are many recreational sites within a short walk of the neighborhood that have activities that are appropriate for families as well as well-maintained green spaces, the community is an excellent location to reside in, particularly for families with children in the middle school years who routinely plan a weekend getaway with the children.

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School Districts Near Highland Oaks Homes for Sale

The surrounding area is home to many highly regarded public educational institutions. These schools provide the children who attend them with a caring and safe environment in which they can acquire the ability to think critically while also developing positive social skills, which is an essential step toward becoming lifelong learners. Highland Oaks is situated close to various educational institutions, the most notable of which are the Sierra Madre Elementary School, the Sierra Madre Middle School, the Highland Oaks Elementary School, the Foothills Middle School, and the Arcadia High School. These institutions provide students from a wide range of backgrounds with challenging education, as well as excellent instructional practices and cutting-edge technology to support them as they work cooperatively on projects that have real-world significance. Because each kid is provided with the same opportunities, academic performance in schools is consistently high. Families who have children of school age and are considering relocating to the Arcadia, California region will undoubtedly value the near proximity of the neighborhood to the area’s many outstanding educational institutions. It is something that families who are considering relocating to the site are likely to take into consideration.

Highland Oaks, Arcadia, Ca Real Estate Details

Highland Oaks residents in Arcadia, California, have easy access to a variety of neighboring businesses and commercial hubs, along with the picturesque slopes of Mount Wilson and the San Gabriel Mountains, thanks to the neighborhood’s proximity to the Foothill Freeway and other major thoroughfares. People who want to live close to downtown areas may find the diversity of residential alternatives offered in Arcadia, California, and the neighborhood’s convenient location intriguing. Property in Highland Oaks can range from $1.19 million to $3.22 million, subject to various factors, among the most significant of which are the home’s location and lot size. The single-family residences in the Highland Oaks area range from two to six bedrooms and two to seven bathrooms. Most houses are built on land measuring between 0.19,000 and 0.39,000 acres. The usable interior regions supplied by the community’s residences range from 1,500 square feet to 5,600 square feet. The houses in the community are in the Ranch architectural style.

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