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Foodieland San Mateo: A Diverse Marketplace

Foodieland San Mateo Night Market is a kid- and family-friendly outdoor food event inspired by Asia’s well-known open-air night markets. We’re happy to showcase some fascinating culinary artists and global cuisine pioneers in one location, with a roster of over 170+ cultural backgrounds vendors. Save the date, round up your pals, and join us for fun. Discover the diverse marketplace that represents cuisines and sensations worldwide at FoodieLand. Enjoy a constantly changing lineup of food and drink vendors from throughout America as you celebrate the summer. You will only go to the same festival once since our events’ vendors change often. There is something for everyone at the Night Market’s distinctively diversified array of cuisines. Visit one of our favored spots or go to the bar for a summertime beverage.


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To Offer At Foodieland San Mateo

The festival also offers a variety of family-friendly entertainment. Participants may participate in carnival games, enjoy live music performances on one of our two stages, and buy unique items and novelty products from local artists. And even though we are a “night market,” you are welcome to stop by any time starting in the late afternoon. Don’t let the name deceive you! FoodieLand organizes over 15 events each year that draw over 750,000 people to Northern California, Southern California, and Nevada. Immerse yourself in the best FoodieLand Night Market in the San Francisco Bay Area to eat, drink, shop, and have fun. You may find a wide selection of delicious meals and beverages, artwork, and live entertainment at this fantastic event with over 170 vendors. Make it a memorable class reunion, an enjoyable night out with friends, or a dream date.


About this Foodieland

Eventbrite will be the only place to buy tickets. At the door, no tickets will be sold. All tickets contain a specified timed entrance to assist in managing the arrival of new guests. You may remain as long as you like for the entire day. You can contact us through Eventbrite to ask for a free time slot change if you need to alter your admission time after making a purchase. We advise buying event tickets in advance because they frequently sell out before the event. Only through Eventbrite are event tickets available, and they must be ordered online before the event. Free admission is given to children under five. Parking at the Hillsdale and Hayward Park CalTrans Station may be found nearby for $15 per vehicle or a 2- to 3-minute walk away for $5.50 per vehicle. There is ADA parking accessible at the location.


Visit our featured page right away. We’re giving the entire family a wide range of delicious dishes, activities, and entertainment. I’m hoping to see you there!

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